How do I know if I want my route to be public or private?

Skedaddle offers both public and private routes, which you can select based on whether you want privacy for a large group, or if you want to allow others to join you!

Public routes can be joined by anyone with a Skedaddle account--the more the merrier! A public route is best if you're traveling alone, or in a small group to a public location or event such as a ski mountain, a concert, or a sporting event. If you'd like to start a public route, make sure that the pickup location and destination are at public locations!

Private routes are best if you’d like a more exclusive experience for your group, or if you are arranging transportation for a private event. Private routes are perfect for weddings, greek events, or large groups of people traveling between private locations. If your route will need any customization (additional stops, shuttling, etc.), it will need to be a private route. 


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