How much does my seat cost?

Pricing structures vary between public and private routes, though no charges will be made for any route until 48 hours prior the the route's departure.

Each public route has a standard seat price. However, the first 10 riders on public routes receive discounts! On public routes, the route starter is able to reserve the first seat for free, and the next 9 riders will receive 20% off the standard seat price. Everyone else who reserves a seat after the first 10 seats have been booked will pay the standard price for the route.

For private routes, the user who starts the route can choose to pay a portion of the route, or the price of the bus will be split evenly amongst all (less any amount the route creator has funded). You will reserve your seat at the "Current" price displayed on the route page; however, your card will not be charged until 48 hours prior to departure, and the price will continue to drop depending on the number of riders who reserve seats after you. We want to give everyone the chance to reserve their seat and ensure that you pay the lowest price.

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