How do I start a route?

Select "Start a Route” from the home page. Enter a title and description for your route. Enter your pickup/drop off locations and times, and enter your return time. Skedaddle will need to verify that buses can easily access your locations. Then, just select a photo that best fits your route and start! If you would like to make your route private, make sure you check the private box. If you are starting a public route the first seat (free!) is automatically reserved for you! If you have any other questions when starting your route, please email


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    Matthew Zabb-Parmley

    You guys need an info page on your website where you actually explain the services you offer and the pricing. I have been searching this website for about 30 minutes now and I still have no idea what you guys do. Why can you not spell it out anywhere?

    To start a ride do I need to own a car? Are you guys renting the car? How does your organization work and why can't you build a website that has this information available instead of all these little articles that don't actually contain any real information.

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