Can you provide me with a quote for my route?

All route pricing is calculated online. Please click here to fill in all of the details for your desired route. You’ll see pricing information for your route before you complete the process. We aren't able to provide route pricing information over the phone, so make sure to fill in all of the information on the start a route page to get your all-inclusive price!

Unlike traditional bus companies, the price you'll see on the page is final and all-inclusive, but you won't be charged until 48 hours prior to your route's departure and can cancel your reservation up until that point as well. We've built partnerships with the best providers so that we can deliver a better ride at a competitive price. You don't have to haggle or wait for quotes from multiple companies! Once you’ve entered all of your route details and pricing has been calculated, you can click “start route” to submit the route. 

For public routes, you'll see two prices: a 20% discounted price for each of the first ten seats, and the flat standard price for every seat reserved after ten. For private routes, the price will be split evenly amongst the riders. Before you click "start route," you'll see the total price of the route, the price per seat if it reaches its go live number, and the price per seat if the route fills up.

If you have a more complex route (e.g. multiple stops, shuttling needs), please send your detailed itinerary to and we will provide you with a customized price!


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