When do I get my pass?


At 48 hours prior to the departure time, if your route is live, you will receive an email that serves as your receipt and your pass when you board the bus. If you have our mobile app, you’ll receive a notification letting you know when you can check in. You’ll be able to access your pass within the app as well! 

If you're not finding your pass in your email or in your Skedaddle account, double check that you are signed into Skedaddle with the correct email address and password if you signed up with Facebook. 


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    Marie Gallant Major

    How do my guests receive their passes?

  • Avatar
    mary-beth taylor

    I am wondering that too.

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    Susan Harvey

    I have two seats one under the name of Abigail Brown. Will that pass be in my email as well?

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    Deb villavicencio

    I have received an email with boarding/receipt but no notification or pass on the app. I have an account...

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    Same--cannot find my pass on the app. Where should I look?

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    Sonja Kim

    I have the email but no pass. There is no pass within the app either although I'm logged in. I printed out the email do I'll just have to bring that.

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    I have email but no pass in app

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