Why do I see a minimum and maximum price on my private route page?

When you create a private route and set a rider minimum and bus size, you'll see the maximum price and price per seat if the vehicle is completely full on the page. Remember, for private routes the total cost of the bus is divided evenly amongst the seat reservations (minus any amount funded by the route starter), so the ticket price is ultimately determined by the number of passengers on board!

The "Maximum Price" per seat reflects the price each passenger will pay if the total seats reserved is equal to the Go Live number (the minimum number of seats that need to be reserved in order for the route to depart). You can change the maximum price per seat by adjusting the Go Live number before you start the route. Keep in mind that adjusting your Go Live number may affect how quickly your route goes live as well!

The "Minimum Price" per seat indicates the price each passenger would pay if every seat on the bus were reserved. As more passengers reserve seats on the bus, the "Current Price" listed on the route page will get closer and closer to this minimum price. 

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